Staying Organized & on Top of Things
with Concierge Plus

Being a successful community manager means juggling lots of hats and more importantly, doing so in an organized, efficient manner. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed and unable to do your job effectively – whether that’s answering emails, fixing repairs, managing equipment or any number of the other tasks you’re responsible for.

Watch our webinar and you will learn:

  • Getting a straightforward snapshot of what’s going on in your community with our Daily Overview feature.
  • Keeping track of all tasks with our Tasks & Reminders module.
  • Keeping a digital record of every piece of equipment in your community with our Equipment Management feature.
  • Distributing information about important happenings on site, or key knowledge that just needs to be handed to the next shift with our Pass-On-Logs feature.
  • Securely storing and sharing all of your community documents with our File Sharing feature. 

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