Package Tracking

Say good bye to sticky notes on mailboxes! 


Bring technology to your multifamily and student housing apartments and digitally manage all of your packages and deliveries.

Concierge Plus’ package tracking module is easy-to-use and will instantly transform your manual process into an efficient, digital system.

Package Tracking can be used as an individual module, or as part of the suite of features offered by Concierge Plus.



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Integrated Hardware



Barcode Scanner

When a courier truck pulls up, your Concierge or security guard just needs to pull out our barcode scanner to quickly and efficiently scan every package in. After each item has been identified, they push one button to quickly email, call, or text residents to let them know that their packages have arrived.


Signature Pad

The Topaz LCD signature pad captures signatures for package delivery pickup, visitor sign-in, and tracking of keys.This tools is fully integrated with our system and allows you to track who picked up a package and when it was picked up.You can also record the signature of visitors and track who has access to resident suites. This is especially helpful for tracking caregivers, dog walkers, and cleaners. The signature pad connects via USB port and requires no installation on your part. It’s the smartest way to track and organize all of your deliveries!


Display Screens

Need an easy way to broadcast information to your residents? We offer 40” digital display screens for your lobby or mail room for you to broadcast updates on package deliveries, current weather, and other important information. Concierge Plus automatically pushes all information from your community website to the display screen. You can even broadcast urgent messages in the event of a power outage or flood.

What our customers are saying


We had an enormous amount of packages coming and going from this community when I started. It could be a source of great stress at times. I interviewed about four or five providers and it seemed that no one was listening to me. I needed to get from point A to point B, simple as that. The Concierge Plus platform was a big time-saver, particularly over the holidays. Many of our residents were out of town and when they received notifications that their packages had arrived, they simply let us know how we could accommodate them-some packages were delivered to personal residences while others were securely put aside until the owner's return.
Both our residents and staff were very relieved that everything was taken care of for them.

Page Perkins, Association Manager

The Concord Condominiums