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We did an in-depth study that observed the tasks that a property management team works on throughout each day. It was determined that on average over 100 hours are spent monthly dealing with packages and deliveries, 20 hours dealing with expected visitors, and an additional 10 hours dealing with resident issue communications. This translates to over 150 hours of your team’s time spent on just these three items.

By implementing a resident experience management platform that increases efficiency of these tasks, it was determined these same tasks take just over 25 hours to complete. That translates into a substantial savings of time and money every single month, and catapults the satisfaction rate residents have in interacting with team members - no longer is everything a painful and time consuming manual interaction.



Brad from radioCITY Condos

radioCITY Condos

Let’s share an example. This is radioCITY Condos. This metropolitan condo association went from frustrating, inefficient processes and struggling with communication to being a digitally powered community with happier residents and property management team, saving the staff countless hours of work each month.

Brad, one of the condo's directors, recognized that a lack of technology was creating serious problems not only for the board but for residents and management. Relying on binders and paper to keep track of essential operational documents had created a mess, lack of easy reporting options, and inconvenienced everyone.

radioCITY is a vibrant, high-end community with modern amenities that were under-utilized because residents found it difficult to understand what was available and when. They tried mentioning amenities in their newsletter and other communication but it didn’t stick. Giving online access to availability and booking revolutionized how residents participated in booking amenities and also created additional revenue opportunities for the condo association.



Using qualitative evidence, we can determine that helping the management team increased the efficiency of these tasks translates to a savings of over 120 hours each month - that’s over 1,500 hours every year.

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Steve from Counterparts Property Management

Counterparts is a property management company that used to use Microsoft Office to manage resident and community information.


Steve Hydeen, Director of Concierge Services, points out that this was highly inefficient, slow, and created challenges in delivering superior service to their residents. He says, “we were relying very heavily, almost fully, on Microsoft Office.” While Microsoft is one of the most popular software platforms in offices, it was not built for the needs and challenges of property management.

Counterparts ran into problems as they tried to keep up with their residents, and they were having issues getting back to their clients quickly. Residents would move out, and other people would move in without their knowledge because the system took too long to update. According to Steve, it was difficult getting “everyone on the same page and keeping contacts accurate.”

Steve knew there had to be a better way than being purely Microsoft Office-based: “we recognized that they were not long-term solutions.” He worked with other software companies in the past, but none of them performed as well as he had hoped. He considered building their own software to handle their needs but decided that it wouldn’t be the most effective use of their time since it would take too much expense and time to try to develop something.

Steve now uses Concierge Plus to streamline their desk services, resident communications, and internal systems for better community support.

It has dramatically improved Counterparts’ efficiency even with the large number of units his company manages. Steve stated that the company has been able to streamline their software with Concierge Plus: “what we gained is a renewed sense of efficiency because it has allowed us to start eliminating other software.” Their concierge desk has improved both communication and efficiency in the frontline with the platform.

Communication has also improved since implementing Concierge Plus. “It allows us to engage with residents, to provide newsletters, and reach out to everyone or specific individuals very quickly and easily,” says Steve.

Also, customer service was a significant advantage for Steve. Although he has not needed to reach out to customer support often, when he does, he found that “everyone I’ve spoken to is very affirming and supportive. There’s a quick response and almost an extended appreciation for reaching out for support, so I’ve appreciated that immensely.”



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Who This is For

You are a stressed out residential property manager who manages an Association of 200-500 units and wants to run a community smoothly but you have to deal with frustrated residents and demanding board members, and constantly struggle with what seems like an endless 'to do' list of items: budgets, staffing, resident issues, and third-party contractors.

You're feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed by everything that you need to get done in a day. You are trying to manage your time as best as possible, but still can't be as proactive and transparent as you want to be and often are forced to manually go through documents and requests, a process that is not only time consuming, but also allows for mismanagement and errors. At the end of each day you leave the office feeling tired and not looking forward to the next day.

You may have already tried to get your team and residents to use some kind of technology. A spreadsheet, Constant Contact or other email software, social media, Dropbox or Google Drive. But it’s not working. Maintaining all of this software takes a lot of time, no one knows where to go for what, and it’s not giving you the results you want. It’s certainly not letting you be proactive and transparent with your board in many areas. This is not your fault - the truth is that you are using costly, manual and inefficient processes to complete the work.

It’s 2020. You can book a flight, make a restaurant reservation, order food delivery, and buy virtually, all online. But condo associations have not adopted current technology leaving most associations in the dark ages. More and more, condo associations are now overcoming this challenge by turning to modern resident experience management platforms to make their operations run smoother, saving the property manager 30+ hours per month and keeping residents happier.


My Background


For those that don’t know me: 20 years ago I purchased my first condo. I went to the condo’s annual meeting and started to listen to frustrated owners. The thought occurred to me: there must be a better way to run our association.

I looked everywhere for technology that could help, but found nothing. I decided to take matters into my own hands and build a set of online tools to create efficiencies at our front desk.

Everyone loved it! Immediately I solved communications challenges that had existed for years.

Pretty quickly other building managers started asking if they could use these tools.


So, I decided to dedicate resources to building the first and best resident experience management platform. Today we work with thousands of condos and HOAs, and recommended by dozens of property management companies.

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Here's the Five-Step Process to Saving 100 Hours of Your Team's Time Every Month

Step 1: Map Out Tasks That Need to Be Done

The first step is to map out the tasks that need to be done by your staff.



Old Way

The old way to do this was to brainstorm tasks and processes, ask each staff member on their opinions, manually write everything down, try to keep track of answers and sort out which ideas made the most sense.


Old Result

This resulted in poor use of management and the team’s time, created incomplete information, and at the end of the day left residents frustrated because not enough was being done.



New Way

The new way to do this is to use software to organize and clearly define tasks.


New Result

Save your entire team time in understanding what tasks need to be managed.

This way tasks are better understood, mapped out more thoroughly, and accessible to the entire team. Software used to be confusing and difficult to learn, time consuming to use, and often didn’t give you the results you wanted.



What tasks do I need to map out?

Each association’s staff does different tasks. From handling packages and screening visitors to dealing with service requests and processing amenity bookings. For each one of these tasks you have to find a process that is efficient and works well not only for your team but also for the residents to alleviate frustration.



Who can help me map these tasks out?

You can engage your property management team, a committee, or board members to help you understand what tasks need to be optimized.

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Step 2: Come Up With Processes to Handle Each Task

The next step is to come up with the processes needed to handle each of the tasks.



Old Way

The old way to do this involved signing up for multiple platforms including Constant Contact/MailChimp for email, Dropbox/Google Drive to share files, and Survey Monkey to have residents fill out service request forms. You would need many of these to manage the entire community.


Old Result

This was inefficient and frustrating. There was a lack of readily available training, and what was available certainly wasn’t tailored to the needs of a condo/HOA. Staff and residents would often resist the implementation of multiple tools seeing it as convoluted.



New Way

The new way is to partner with an expert that has experience in building tools for your condo/HOA and creating execution plans around workflows.


New Result

This results in a clear set of processes tested by experience and insights, and a plan for every workflow complete with the appropriate tool, technology, and training, and a savings of your team’s time.

In the past this was cost-prohibitive. Only large associations or those with big budgets could afford to do something like this.



Where do I start optimizing each task?

Begin by understanding what parts of the task are the most time consuming or frustrating to residents. For example: if residents can’t access the availability of your amenities from wherever they are, at any time, they are more likely to be frustrated and less likely to make a booking. This will result in lost revenue for the association.



How much experience does the expert need to have? What about “Board of Directors consultants”?

You need to work with someone who has done this before and has been successful at creating efficiencies within associations. This is the only way you will come up with an optimal process. There are consultants you can hire that offer services to associations along these lines.

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Step 3: Train the Staff

The next step is to train the management team and all of the staff.



Old Way

The old way to train your staff meant a manager had to take each person through every function on all of the software and explain to them what it does and when it is to be used to ensure they knew what to do.


Old Result

A lot of time was taken up by training because there was a lot to absorb. New staff members would often not remember everything they were shown.



New Way

The new way is to leverage videos and help content created by experts on how to execute tasks.


New Result

This type of training is more effective because it can be more easily recalled. Team members can ramp up more quickly on the platform.

Training videos are extremely effective at explaining processes to staff, and will save managers significant time.



Who will train staff and ensure they are following the established processes?

Videos and online tutorials will help familiarize existing staff members with the new process. This same content will be shown to new staff members to facilitate their training and ensure everyone gets the same information. Each staff member is following each established process is critical to ensure a consistent experience for residents and that no details are lost.

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Step 4: Educate Residents

Next, you need to educate residents on the available tools and how to use them.



Old Way

The old way involved organizing a set of meetings, explaining things in person, and possibly following up with a generic email blast.


Old Result

It was difficult to track how many residents were reached using this method and there was no accountability. It wasn’t possible to segment or customize messages to residents which resulted in confusion and inefficient communication. New residents required individual training sessions as well.



New Way

Now you can house all of your community content on one platform that is accessible 24/7. You can leverage that platform to track message open rates and use customization logic to tailor messages and delivery channels.


New Result

This allows you to reach residents quicker, communicate new information more efficiently, and significantly reduce the risk of misinformation in the community.

Using a platform to house community content allows property managers to communicate more effectively with residents.



Who will explain this to my residents?

Residents are already busy with their everyday lives. They need to have a quick understanding of where to go and what to do to accomplish these interactions. A single, easy-to-use, intuitive platform will help ensure that all residents know what to do.

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Step 5: Use Technology To Execute Tasks

Finally, you and your team need to execute the tasks.



Old Way

The old way involved using binders, printed forms, and other paper documents and manual processes.


Old Result

Residents were frustrated by the need to wait for these things to be done. It required a lot of time to find information. Things were often missed.



New Way

The new way is to use a technology platform that all of the staff and residents have access to.


New Result

This creates huge efficiencies, saving the management team 100+ hours every month, and often generating new revenue streams for the association.

Technology has developed significantly in the past five years and has become a huge time saver for property managers.



What type(s) of technology do I need for these tasks, and what’s currently out there?

Here are some suggestions for technology you will need to acquire to accomplish this: you’ll need to organize your resident information with a spreadsheet (Microsoft Office 365, Google Sheets). You can create another sheet to record packages and deliveries, and their pick-up/drop-off information. You’ll need to be able to reach residents by email with important announcements using Constant Contact, MailChimp, or a similar platform. Service requests will require you to use an online form from Survey Monkey. You can create an additional form on Survey Monkey for each amenity you want to be able to have residents book online. Amenities will also need a shared calendar: a Gmail account will allow you to do that.


What does the technology need to do?

Your association needs to leverage technology to save time and money, and be more modern. Reducing the number of manual interactions your team has to do on a daily basis will enable them to save hundreds of hours each month.

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Step Summary:

So, let’s recap. What you need to do is:

Map out the tasks that your association performs

Establish optimal processes for each of those tasks

Train your staff on the new processes

Educate your residents on the new processes

Use technology to execute those tasks daily

And as a result, you can get your team saving over 100 hours of their time each month and have happier residents. Then, call your boss because you’ll finally be able to book a vacation.

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There are a couple of ways you can leverage technology in a condo association:

Option 1: Use Off-the-Shelf Tools and Web Designers

option_1_diagramOne option is leveraging a variety of off-the-shelf tools like a spreadsheet, Constant Contact or other emailing software, Dropbox or Google Drive to share files, social media, and you may need to get a WordPress site or a web designer to build and maintain the public portal for residents.

However, you’ll need to set up each of these platforms separately and clearly identify what each one does.

Remember that these are not designed for the operation of a condo association, so you’ll need to do a lot of creative thinking to figure out how to push a square peg into a round hole.

You won’t be able to address everything: things like having resident information synchronized across platforms and remembering to check all of these platforms for different notifications as needed.

You might have also heard about free or “freemium” platforms. The reality is that Property Management software that is free of cost doesn’t have all of the features and functionalities that you need to provide enough benefits to your team or community. Often there are limited software updates or new features with 'freemium' products. And you won’t be a top priority for customer support - you should expect to figure everything out for yourself.

Free software platforms also often make money by displaying ads to their platform which you have no control over and usually disturbs the user experience. Furthermore, free software vendors may sell their users data to third parties.

And after all of that, remember that a company can't stay in business for very long offering a free solution so many free or freemium companies aren't around very long meaning you will need to deal with sudden outages, researching new solutions, and re-training your staff and residents.

Option 2: Work with Concierge Plus

option_2_logoOr, you can use Concierge Plus and have us map out your tasks and processes 10x faster, train your staff quickly, educate your residents, and get your team executing those tasks saving over 100 hours each month!

Who This is For

Again, this is for the stressed out property manager who wants to run a community smoothly and has to deal with frustrated residents and demanding board members, constantly struggling with what seems like an endless 'to do' list of items: budgets, staffing, resident issues, and third-party contractors.

Case Studies

We have worked with thousands of condo associations: high-rise, low-rise, gated communities, you name it. We’ve achieved incredible results for them and their management teams.

All of them have experienced benefits they didn’t think were possible.

This is why we have a 97% customer retention rate.

Let me tell you about two clients in particular:

radiocity_headshotradioCITY Condos is a complex of two high-rise towers and townhomes in a downtown/urban setting. The residents that live there are for the most part busy individuals with careers and tons of things to fill up their days and nights. They take advantage of online shopping and delivery services, many of them have outside housekeeping staff, and they have busy social lives with local and out-of-town friends.

Despite being a high-end building, everything was being done manually. When announcements needed to be circulated, including for important notices about elevator issues or water shutdowns, it was done manually. The property manager had to literally print 400+ copies of the announcement and get someone to go door-to-door to place them. Residents who were working weren’t aware in a timely way. Residents who were traveling weren’t notified at all because there was a piece of paper sitting on their door handle. Then there’s the cost. Printing and manually delivering notices cost thousands of Dollars per year and wasted environmental resources.

Sound familiar?

Concierge Plus was up and running within a couple of weeks. All of a sudden everyone was receiving announcements by their choice of email, text message, or phone call. Distributing important information became easy again. With one click the property manager can see exactly who received the announcement, and who didn’t that may need to be followed-up with.

radioCITY has multiple amenities that residents can take advantage of: a party room, meeting room, TV room, games room, guest suites, and service elevators. All of the bookings for these amenities were managed in a binder. For obvious reasons, that binder could only be in one location: the front desk of the tower that housed most of the amenities. When residents from the townhouses or the other tower wanted to even check availability they had to trek outside and to the other building. Since most of them weren’t common visitors to that tower, there were many cases where the front desk staff didn’t even recognize them. A terrible and frustrating experience for everyone.

As soon as Concierge Plus was implemented, booking all of these amenities online became a reality. There was no more accidental double-booking. When required, payments were accepted online – no more checks to write (no more checks to deposit!). Residents could now see when a service elevator was available as they were trying to book a delivery. They could easily share with their friends that were planning to visit when guests suites were available. Planning holiday parties and other events in the party room became much easier from the convenience of any phone, tablet, or computer that the resident had.
counterparts_headshot One of the property management companies we work with is called Counterparts. They manage about 800 units of condos. Counterparts was leveraging technology but primarily using Microsoft Office to keep track of what was happening in their buildings. Excel spreadsheets for resident information, email for service requests, etc.

Some of the challenges they were faced with included that there was no workflow, no permissions, no oversight of any of this. Excel spreadsheets with resident information could easily be accidentally changed, permanently losing important details that had to be retrieved from residents again.

Concierge Plus came in and within a similar, few week period we took their existing data and migrated it to our platform. Instantly life became easier at each of their properties. They gained a renewed sense of efficiency because it allowed them to replace multiple pieces of software with one that was designed for this environment.
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Benefits and Outcomes

Here's what's going to happen when you sign up for Concierge Plus:

You'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief because our team will take all of your resident and community information and import it for you.

You can finally get rid of the stacks of binders at your front desk, which just consume your and your staff's time to manage. Your front desk team will save 100 hours each month managing deliveries.

You will be able to go back to being a property manager, however, this time you will be proactive and be accountable to your board of directors in a more transparent and meaningful way. You will save 30 hours each month leveraging our technology.

You can forget about having needy residents calling you with every single detail because they will now be able to help themselves to information and resources self-service, online.

By implementing a digital property management platform, you will exceed your tech-savvy resident's expectations.

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There are over 30 modules in Concierge Plus encompassing hundreds of features designed specifically to manage the operations of a condo association.

I’ll walk you through a few of the most frequently used ones so you understand how they work and the benefits that they will bring to you and your community.



Before, when you wanted to send out announcements to owners, it required you to print individual copies of that announcement and distribute it door-to-door.

Now, you compose your announcement in Concierge Plus and quickly select the groups of people you want it to go to. (For example water shut-offs affecting only a particular line.) Instantly your message is delivered to everyone. Reporting that is triggered immediately lets you see who has received the email, phone call, or text message. Easy accountability to ensure everyone is getting your message.



Before when you wanted to notify residents of deliveries, you would have to log the packages in a binder and then call each resident or leave a sticky note on their mailbox.

Now you can use our Deliveries Module to quickly log each package and immediately send an email, text message, and/or automated phone call to the resident to let them know without having to use a lot of your team’s time.


Service Requests

Before, when you wanted to have a resident’s service request actioned, you would have to find and speak to the right team member and let them know what to do.

But now, you can use our simple Service Requests module to assign and keep track of issues without the need for manual assignment and tracking.


Media Library

Before when you wanted to distribute important documents or information to residents or owners, you would need to print thousands of pages of copies of those documents and leave them at each resident’s door, at the front desk, or worse, pay for postage to mail them to owners.

Now you can use the Media Library to distribute information without wasting any time, money, or paper and ink.


Amenity Bookings

Before when you wanted to process an amenity booking, a resident would have to visit or call the front desk where someone would look through a calendar to see whether their date was available. The booking was written into that calendar and in some cases a check collected for payment.

Now you can use our Amenity Bookings module to allow residents to view availability, make a booking, and even pay online (if necessary) without frustrating and time-consuming manual interactions.


Resident Database

Before when you wanted to look up contact or other important information about a resident, you would look in a resident information binder or Excel spreadsheet.

Now you can quickly search and locate all of these details with just a couple of keystrokes without the need to manually search or the risk of someone inadvertently changing resident information.

Again, those are just six popular modules.
Concierge Plus has 25+ other modules for every aspect of your association.

Any of these features and modules can be disabled if not needed or desired.


Accounting Software Integration


Bike Registration


Classified Ads


Community Calendar


Custom Fields


Custom Workflows


Daily Overview


Digital Lobby and Elevator Displays


Discussion Forums


Entry Instructions


Equipment Tracking


Estoppel Certificates


Granular Permissions for Users


Incident Reporting


Integrated Public Website


Multi-Language Interface




Online Store


Parking Management


Pass-On Logs


Pet Registry


Quick Votes


Resident Guide


Shared Facilities


Storage Locker Tracking






Vacant Units


Visitor Parking Passes

... and more!

Offer Summary

If you wanted to get all of this done, either doing it manually or using piecemeal technologies that aren’t talking to each other and are likely not covering all of the bases, you would need an extra 30 hours each month. Your front desk team would need an extra 100 hours each month just to deal with deliveries.

Here’s what you’ll get:

your community’s own web portal on your own domain name (eg.

30+ Concierge Plus modules to help automate and bring technology to everything you and your team do on a daily basis

initial data loading and setup done by our team

all of your resident and association data loaded into Concierge Plus

interactive, hands-on training with one of our Customer Success Coaches

email boxes to personalize communications to residents (eg.

unlimited customer support by phone and email

unlimited feature updates for your modules at no additional cost

Guarantee 🏅

I guarantee your community and you as a property manager will see a night and day difference when using Concierge Plus, compared to an old school manual method of running an association. If you’re not satisfied after thirty days, we won’t charge you anything.

Join Thousands of Community Associations

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Let’s review: you get the industry leading resident experience management platform that will completely transform how your community is managed. You get 30+ hours of your time back each month to deal with the issues you really need to deal with. You get happier residents. You get a happier board of directors. You say goodbye to the headache of either using manual paper records or a cornucopia of disparate technology that doesn’t talk to each other and isn’t working.

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Questions and Answers

I also wanted to go through some commonly asked questions. Things that people often want to know about when evaluating us.

Isn’t this going to add work to my plate?

NO! Absolutely not. Thoughtful technology is about making life easier. Just the way Uber makes it easy to find a ride, or Amazon makes it faster to buy most items, Concierge Plus brings efficiencies to your community. We are all about making life easier for everyone.

Who owns the data and where is it stored?

You always own your data, and we will never make it available to any third-parties. Your data lives on one of our dedicated servers.

How much work is involved in setting up Concierge Plus for my association?

Very little. You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Specialist assigned to you from the beginning. They will collect all of the information on your community and configure Concierge Plus to match your existing owner and resident data, amenities, parking, lockers, staff, and a lot more. We know that being a Property Manager is a busy job, and we’re happy to help get you configured, so that this doesn’t add to your plate.

I’m currently using another solution. If I want to switch to Concierge Plus, what’s involved?

We are happy to help migrate you from any other platform. In the 20+ years that we have been operating, we have switched customers from virtually every solution out there, without any difficulty. There’s no additional cost for this migration, and we keep things easy for you.

Why would residents want to use this? Aren’t they just going to continue calling me when they need something, like they do now?

Most of our clients see a very high resident adoption rate – this means that people are actually using the web site. Because of this, you will find that residents will learn that their Concierge Plus community web site is the first place to obtain information. They won’t need to track you down to get access to documents or information that you make available to them.

Can I turn off or disable any of these features?

Yes! You can very easily turn features on or off that you don’t need for your community. When disabled, no one will be able to access them, or even know they are there.

What about e-mail hosting? How many email addresses do you provide?

If you need any email addresses for your staff, we are happy to include these with your plan. Email addresses that share your community’s domain name help build your brand, and make it easier for everyone to recognize they are contacting a staff member. Ask your salesperson for details.

How much does it cost?

Concierge Plus is billed by the number of units in your community, and based on what package or features you require. We’ll tailor this just for you. Ask your sales person for more information. Many condos associations can get started from $100/month.

Will my community save money using Concierge Plus?

Yes! You will save time and money. Your management team will be better equipped to deal with owners and residents by sending out digital announcements instead of photocopying paper versions; they will save countless hours by allowing residents to view and book amenity online themselves, and not have to call or visit the office; Concierge and security guards will save time by not having to flip through binders to find details, and you’ll save money by not having to print and manage those binders; and a whole lot more!

Is any hardware included in the price?

We offer hardware as an add-on, including barcode readers for scanning packages, pass printers, digital signature pads, cameras, and digital lobby displays.

Do you offer any third party integration?

Concierge Plus is an extremely flexible solution which provides the ability for admin users to create various types of custom fields which can be integrated with other, third-party software through our API. You can find out more about some of the partners we already integrate with by clicking here.

Do you have a trial version?

Yes! You can start a free trial of Concierge Plus to get to know our features today. Click here to begin.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer on-going training and support through your dedicated Customer Success Specialist. We have options to do this remotely, or at your location.

Can we choose our own domain name?

Yes! We will help you find an available domain name to reflect your community’s brand during the onboarding process.

Is Concierge Plus secure?

Yes. Concierge Plus is a fully-hosted solution. We partner with leading, global hosting providers who provide a managed infrastructure along with architecture and security guidance. Each site is issued an SSL certificate (the “lock” you see in your web browser on many sites) to ensure that data is encrypted while anyone is interacting with the site.

What if I need to cancel? What happens to my information?

No problem. Just give us 30 days notice and we can cancel your Concierge Plus account and delete any data you provided to us. The data entered into Concierge Plus is always yours.

How often do you update/upgrade the program and do you notify clients of this? Are they included in the annual fee?

As often as we can! We strongly believe in a commitment to innovation, and stand behind that commitment with our track record of new features and functionality released approximately every quarter. We build new features and enhancements largely based on hearing from our customers – we believe this is the best way to continue to make great software. Concierge Plus includes a Customer Suggestion Forum where you can post and vote on suggestions to help us prioritize what we develop next. We encourage all of our customers to post in this forum.

Which mobile devices will Concierge Plus work on? Do you have an app?

Any modern web browser is compatible with Concierge Plus. You, your residents, and staff can access this from an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle, or any other browser. There are no app downloads required – just open your community’s web site address.

What type of technical/customer support do you provide during onboarding as well as ongoing? Are there any additional costs associated with that?

Technical support is always included for all of our customers by phone and email. We are happy to help any way we can. We also provide options for in-person/on- site training at your location.

Do you offer any partnership discounts and/or white label opportunities?

Yes! We work with all kinds of third party companies. Ask your sales person for more information.

How is the owner/resident data populated within Concierge Plus?

This is all done during our onboarding process. We offer multiple ways to populate owner/resident data within Concierge Plus, including synchronizing with your existing accounting software (Yardi, TOPS, Jenark, MRI, etc.); importing your information from existing spreadsheets or other files; or by having users sign-up to the web site themselves.

Do you have any references?

Yes, absolutely! Just ask your sales person and they will be happy to provide you with reference information of someone near you.