Frequently Asked Questions

We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you!







Our Most Frequently Asked Quetions:

Who owns the data and where is it stored?

You always own your data, and we will never make it available to any third-parties. Your data lives on one of our dedicated servers.


Can we choose our own domain name?

Yes! We will help you find a domain name to reflect your community’s brand during the onboarding process.


How much work is involved in setting up Concierge Plus for my building or community?

Very little. You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Specialist assigned to you from the beginning. They will collect all of the information on your community and configure Concierge Plus to match your existing owner and resident data, building amenities, parking, lockers, staff, and a lot more. We know that being a Property Manager is a busy job, and we’re happy to help get you configured, so that this doesn’t add to your plate.


Is Concierge Plus secure?

Yes. Concierge Plus is a fully-hosted solution. We partner with leading, global hosting providers who provide a managed infrastructure along with architecture and security guidance. Each site is issued an SSL certificate (the “lock” you see in your web browser on many sites) to ensure that data is encrypted while anyone is interacting with the site.


I’m currently using another solution. If I want to switch to Concierge Plus, what’s involved?

We are happy to help migrate you from any other platform. In the 15+ years that we have been operating, we have switched customers from virtually every solution out there, without any difficulty. There’s no additional cost for this migration, and we keep things easy for you.


What if I need to cancel? What happens to my information?

No problem. Just give us 30 days notice and we can cancel your Concierge Plus account. The data entered into Concierge Plus is always yours.

How often do you update/upgrade the program and do you notify clients of this? Are they included in the annual fee?

As often as we can! We strongly believe in a commitment to innovation, and stand behind that commitment with our track record of new features and functionality released approximately every quarter. We build new features and enhancements largely based on hearing from our customers – we believe this is the best way to continue to make great software. Concierge Plus includes a Customer Suggestion Forum where you can post and vote on suggestions to help us prioritize what we develop next. We encourage all of our customers to post in this forum.


Why would residents want to use this? Aren’t they just going to continue calling me when they need something, like they do now?

Most of our clients see a very high resident adoption rate – this means that people are actually using the web site. Because of this, you will find that residents will learn that their Concierge Plus community web site is the first place to obtain information. They won’t need to track you down to get access to documents or information that you make available to them.


Which mobile devices will Concierge Plus work on? Do you have an app?

Any modern web browser is compatible with Concierge Plus. You, your residents, and staff can access this from an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle, or any other browser. We also have an app called Engage App by Concierge Plus. 


Can I turn off or disable any of these features?

Yes! You can very easily turn features on or off that you don’t need for your community. When disabled, no one will be able to access them, or even know they are there.


As a Property/Community Manager, will Concierge Plus create MORE work for me?

No! That’s the opposite of what will happen! By introducing technology like Concierge Plus to your community, you will become more efficient by spending less time manually looking through binders, spreadsheets, and emails for information. Much of the information you search for on residents, unit history, or current happenings (like amenities, visitor parking) will be available to you with just a few clicks. You will also save time on resident interactions by putting Concierge Plus to work for you. Important documents can be distributed and downloaded by residents online, amenity availability can be seen and booked online, all without using your valuable time!


What about e-mail hosting? How many email addresses do you provide?

If you need any email addresses for your staff, we are happy to include these with your plan. Email addresses that share your community’s domain name help build your brand, and make it easier for everyone to recognize they are contacting a staff member. Ask your sales person for details.


What type of technical/customer support do you provide during onboarding as well as ongoing? Are there any additional costs associated to that?

Technical support is always included for all of our customers by phone and email. We are happy to help any way we can. We also provide options for in-person/on- site training at your location.


How much does it cost?

Concierge Plus is billed by the number of units in your community, and based on what package or features you require. We’ll tailor this just for you. Ask your sales person for more information. Many condos associations can get started from $100/month.


Will my community save money using Concierge Plus?

Yes! You will save time and money. Your management team will be better equipped to deal with owners and residents by sending out digital announcements instead of photocopying paper versions; they will save countless hours by allowing residents to view and book amenity online themselves, and not have to call or visit the office; Concierge and security guards will save time by not having to flip through binders to find details, and you’ll save money by not having to print and manage those binders; and a whole lot more!


Do you offer any partnership discounts and/or white label opportunities?

Yes! We work with all kinds of third party companies. Ask your sales person for more information.


Is any hardware included in the price?

We offer hardware as an add-on, including barcode readers for scanning packages, pass printers, digital signature pads, cameras, and digital lobby displays.


How is the owner/resident data populated within Concierge Plus?

This is all done during our onboarding process. We offer multiple ways to populate owner/resident data within Concierge Plus, including synchronizing with your existing accounting software (Yardi, TOPS, Jenark, MRI, etc.); importing your information from existing spreadsheets or other files; or by having users sign-up to the web site themselves.


Do you offer any third party integration?

Concierge Plus is an extremely flexible solution which provides the ability for admin users to create various types of custom fields which can be integrated with other, third-party software through our API.

You can find out more about some of the partners we already integrate with by clicking here.


Do you have any references?

Yes, absolutely! Just ask your sales person and they will be happy to provide you with reference information of someone near you.


Do you have a trial version?

Yes! You can start a free trial of Concierge Plus to get to know our features today. Click here to begin.


Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer on-going training and support through your dedicated Customer Success Specialist. We have options to do this remotely, or at your building or location.